Tuesday, May 16, 2017



Today we will start our look at Mission 2: Objective 2: Biomes. This unit will be different in the fact that we only have a few days to complete the lessons. We will be working at our own pace and therefore everything is available for the students to work on.

Students will be studying ecology including food chains, food webs, ecosystems and what the relationship is between all living things.
Students will need to create a new word wall for this operation.
Word Wall words: Ecology, Ecosystem, Food Chain, Food Web, Consumer, Producer, Decomposer, Flow of Energy (as it applies to ecosystems), Cycling of matter (as it applies to ecosystems), Predator, Prey, Symbiosis, Cooperation (as it applies to ecosystems), Competition (as it applies to ecosystems), Trophic Level, Rule of 10%, Biotic, Abiotic, biome, Biodiversity, Invasive Species

Students will be allowed to work at their own pace during this class, but must keep themselves within 2 assignments of my expected pace.  Homework is determined on a student by student basis. Students that find themselves falling behind need to contact me to set up a study session for additional help.